Priorities and what to work on?

I’ve been working on my 2D movement controller, but having a rough time.
My todo list is still small, but I could see it increasing everytime I realize something new that a 2D platformer should have.
Now the question is, should a beginner game dev be studying art design, sound design at the same time?  Or just work with blocks to prototype.

I read that prototyping is key because you wouldn’t want to invest so much time into art, when the game is simply boring.  But at the same time, you have to feel some love.
I am going to approach my studies by rotation between art work tutorials, and the coding.  This way, if you get stuck, you could study something else and challenge your problem again the following day with a fresh mindset.

Separating palette/tilemap with friction.

For study purposes, I will be making a 1 or 2 stage 2D platformer.
Yes, very typical and sort of like a Hello World project for game dev right.
There’s a lot to leran in each step.
I’ll be starting with the Movement Controller, but I got sidetracked on why my character gets stuck when hitting a wall.  It looks like I need to add a Physics 2D material to the tilemap.

My ground and wall tiles were all in the same palette, so I created a second palette with the Physics 2D Material added with Friction set to 0.
Don’t know if this is the best way for my problem, but it works for now.

First post

I got my website up and now I need at least a single post to fill in the blank page.
I’ll just slap on an old practice Blender scene I did about 2 years ago.