2D Platformer: Health (Heart UI)

Changed the text based health system, to a heart sprite.
2 player health = 1 heart.
Used variables of fullHeart, halfHeart, and emptyHeart.
Once these values are detemined from the player’s currentHealth, and maxHealth, the heart prefabs are instantiated into a list and then displayed on the Canvas’ Grid Layout Group. Piece of the code I decided to go with.

    public void CreateHearts()

        float fullHearts = MathF.Floor(PlayerHealth.instance.health / 2);
        float emptyHearts = MathF.Floor((PlayerHealth.instance.maxHealth - PlayerHealth.instance.health) / 2);

        for (int i = 0; i < fullHearts; i++)
        if (PlayerHealth.instance.health % 2 != 0)
        for (int i = 0; i < emptyHearts; i++)

2D Platformer: Spike+Damage+Health

Progress on my studies, I’ve been following a Udemy tutorial as a reference, but I tend to try and take my own approach on the code. Sometimes, tutorials are guides over complicate things, or could be too advanced for your state of knowledge. If you can get the same thing to work with a different code, I say this is a win because it still requires troubleshooting.
(Efficiency could come later as your coding skills improve right?)
Damage sprite color is not changing on the last hit, I think it know what is wrong..

I got the health text to show and subtract. Now I need to remove the Text example and use a grid layout and instantiate hearts based on the player’s health.

Unity: Cinemachine Confiner

Today, I wante to learn how to control cinemachine so that it doesn’t exceed a certain x or y transform value. My first idea was to manually place borders and have a detection script.
But then, I searched youtube and found CodeMonkey’s tutorial on how to use the Cinemachine Confiner. It’s beautiful! Easy to setup. Thank you.L

CodeMonkey’s tutorial on Cinemachine’s confiner.
How to use Cinemachine Confiner (Don’t let Players see the VOID!)